6 year old Tanner Edwards dances & gets a surprised!

Ok okay, at this point I will come clean, the only reason I am using this kid’s talent and adorableness is to push down the monstrosity that Asim posted about Friends! 🙂 I guess he found one of my buttons and instead of pressing it he slammed on it! 🙂

In any case please check out this kid he is AWESOME and extremely talented, he is simply mind blowing!

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College Humor!!

So, I have been a huge fan of college humor for a bit of time now, ever since I saw my first Youtube clip which is acted by one of my favorite comedians Donald Glover and of course you can catch him on the best comedy show for the past two years Community!

In any case this clip caught my attention well it’s more like it spoke for the simple reason that it shares my hate for Facebook! Anything or anyone who hates that platform is automatically my very good friend! 🙂

Check out the clip and leave some comments!


This one is going out to Asim and all the gamers out there!

I came across this and thought its one hell of an awesome idea on behalf of Sony, so pretty much Sony announced that it is preparing to launch an official PlayStation application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app will be free!!

For the full article please follow the link:


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Jamel Debbouze and Stromae – Alors On Danse!

Hey, check it out, in this clip Jamel Debbouze shows how to create a tube Stromae while helping him composing the song “Alors On Danse” .

A funny video where one discovers Stromae plus of course Jamel is being him self as usual. 🙂


Darth Vader vs Hitler! Epic Rap Battle!

Well what can I say after such a title! Except clearly Lord Vader won hands down!!

Not much to say at this point, asides you checking out the clip and let us know who won the battle in your opinion!

Pistol Shrimp A.K.A The Killer!

One night I felt like cooking some shrimps for dinner, so I went to YouTube to get new ideas, Have got no clue how but that when I saw that little guy crawling around minding his business when out of nowhere the shrimp aimed his claw at a fish, then I heard his claw been cocked exactly like a gun and boom he fired at another fish and killed it!!! Now I was mind blown completely, so I decided to actually look into it and share it with everyone!

So, here is what I managed to get from here and there:

“Alpheidae is a family of caridean snapping shrimp characterized by having asymmetrical claws, the larger of which is typically capable of producing a loud snapping sound. Other common names of these species include pistol shrimp or alpheid shrimp.

The snapping shrimp grows to only 1–2 inches (3–5 cm) long. It is distinctive for its remarkably disproportionate large claw, larger by half than the entire body. The claw can be on either arm of the body, and unlike most shrimp claws does not have pincers at the end. Rather, it has a pistol-like feature made of two parts. A joint allows the “hammer” part to move backward into a right-angled position. When released, it snaps into the other part of the claw, emitting an enormously powerful wave of bubbles capable of stunning larger fish and breaking small glass jars.

The snapping shrimp competes with much larger animals like the Sperm Whale and Beluga Whale for the title of ‘loudest animal in the sea’. The animal snaps a specialized claw shut to create a cavitation bubble (As it collapses, the cavitation bubble reaches temperatures of over 5,000 K (4,700 °C). In comparison, the surface temperature of the sun is estimated to be around 5,800 K (5,500 °C)) that generates acoustic pressures of up to 80 kPa at a distance of 4 cm from the claw. As it extends out from the claw, the bubble reaches speeds of 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) and releases a sound reaching 218 decibels. The pressure is strong enough to kill small fish.”

Now, if you still can’t picture all of this just check how awesome the clip is!

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23 days to Superman/Batman Apocalypse!!

Alright fans of DC Universe Animated Original Movies are all rejoicing and ready for the next Superman and Batman movie by the end of this month on the 28th, here’s the official synopsis:

“After a spaceship splashes down in Gotham City Harbor, Batman and Superman encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as those of the Man of Steel. The Kryptonian is soon revealed to be Kara, cousin of Superman, who takes her under his wing to educate her about the ways of Earth. However, the villainous Darkseid has other plans…“

Check out the trailer, absolutely kick ass!


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Modern Family – In The Moonlight (Do me)

As a huge Modern Family fan, which is by the way a show that just fell in my lap I had no clue what I was getting in here, however Modern Family got me hooked immediately with its sharp material and fast paced nonstop dark comedy before I know it I was through the first season, so  I thought it would only be right to share this clip with everyone, I have no clue how I came across this one, but in any case it’s the character Dylan when he sang a song for Haley in front of the whole family, and the title of the song was “In the Moonlight (Do me)”. To anyone who still didn’t get a chance to check it out, please do. It’s worth the experience also it’s full of “I know how he/she felt” moment!

And to those of you who want to get curious about this show, here is a little fix…

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Rant is back!

After a lengthier than expected absence, the rants are now back.  I guess I’ve built up quite a stockpile of things to vent my spleen about in all this time!

I’d like to kick-off with something that we’ve all been afflicted by at some point in our lives…the badly dubbed advert.  I’ll move on to some examples further on, but I think what is the question here is just a big fat, WHY?  Surely if you, as a company can afford to advertise on TV, you have a decent bank balance and can afford an extra few grand to pay local actors and make your advert.  However crappy and cheap looking it may well be.

And just as surely, if you don’t want to pay out for local actors, then avoid having conversations in your ads.  Just avoid the issue and spare us all these awfully dubbed scenes of domestic bliss and harmony – even if in some cases they’re so horrifically awful they’re funny.  Don’t get me wrong…ads don’t all have to be amazing; I understand you don’t need a field of burning sugar cane to sell window cleaner.  But they should at least treat the audience and lest we forget, customers with a bit of respect and a modicum of sense.

It’s not that I’m even in the market for a lot of these products – I don’t like chocolate, don’t have grey hair that I want to cover-up, don’t like cold rice pudding served in a tiny plastic pot, don’t have spots, can wipe my own bottom without the help of a cartoon frog and don’t have a problem with bad smells in my home.  But what I am in the market for is an advertiser who perhaps has a vague cultural interest in the markets they’re advertising in; who can actually be arsed to pay a bit more to have a better end product than the competition.

Over the years there have been quite a few no doubt, but here’s my selection, past and present.  Please comment and add some more.  Plus a clip of a particularly bad example from the people at Glade and Mr Muscle.  Enjoy.

(You’ll notice there’s a common theme across the adverts / products – they are all what is known as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and are all made by huge corporations: Ferrero, P&G, SCJohnson etc.  Quite clearly they don’t give that much of a sh*t, despite the billions they make each year).

Ferrero Rocher (a classic in the 70s/80s and still a classic today), Lindt chocolate adverts.  Oust and Febreeze.  Muller Rice.  Just for Men.  Kinder Surprise.  Clearasil.  Kandoo kiddies bottom wipes.

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Bonus episode:Stallone Special- The Expendables!

Hi everyone, we have been waiting for this one for quite some time and finally this week in honor of The Expendables and Mr. Sly Stallone, all three of us went to check out the film, I mean how we could resist with such a cast and a movie would be beyond me!

Here’s the trailer!




  • Stallone, Stallone and Stallone
  • A detailed review of The Expendables
  • The Man,the Myth of Sylvester Stallone (33min 17 sec)
  • His Iconic Roles
  • Our favorite picks of Sly’s movies!

Check it out and leave us some comments and feedback!

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Hoverboards coming soon to us!!!

That’s one small step for Nils Guadagnin, one giant leap for mankind!
As anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s watching Marty McFly and his awesome hover board and it actually comes to reality was such a dead buried old thought in my head, till the one and only Mr. Nils Guadagnin opened the door for all of us to let some hope in by creating his own Hoverboard, which is a project born in 2008 for an exhibition named “Back To the future”. This project is a copy of the hoverboard from the movie Back to the Future II. So, how did he pull it off? Here’s a description: “Integrated into the board and the plinth is an electromagnetic system which levitates the board. A laser system stabilises the object in the air.
In the making of this work, I was thinking about different ways of presenting sculpture. In fact it’s a reflexion on the multiple possibilities of how to give a sculpture full spatial autonomy.” After his creation to all of us I was bummed out when I couldn’t find a Wiki page for Nils Guadagnin!

Now, most people bash the idea from what I read by saying; why don’t you let go of an old idea that can barely stand still as well as it could lose its balance and tip around, but why not see it as a Beta version that quite possibly in 10-15 years it could be all over Malls and shops an actual working Hoverboard like the movie or simply go a complete different direction and get all governments and countries to install roads built entirely out of magnets, problem solved!

So, check it out for yourself all the pictures and video!

Let us know what you think?!

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Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier!

Fiction or not!

The best free diving video of all time, simply legendary!

I came across this a while back however it left one of the best impressions! Don’t know what is it about this clip that spoke to me, weather it was the tune, the drop, the climb back up, the way it’s filmed or is the fact that we all try to hold our breath with him as soon as he starts his dive…?!!

Not only is the dive super surreal and awesome, but the climb back up is just as remarkable as the dive!

Check it out and leave us any thoughts you have on that!

Now, the conclusion, Fiction or Real?

French World Champion: Yes. Capable of holding his breath for 4 minutes: Yes. However the video implies that he reached the bottom of Dean’s Blue Hole. No. The record free dive is 116 meters (380 feet), set April 2010 by William Trubridge. Deans Blue Hole is 202 meters (663 feet) deep. Nery landed on a shelf somewhere. Impressive, VERY MUCH SO!

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Jackie Chan is training a fish!!!

I came across this and thought everyone needs to check it out! Jackie has trained a fish in English and Chinese!

Nothing left to say but, GO JACKIE!!!

Awesome, no?!

50 cents or Starvin Marvin?!!

Now, don’t think for a second that the reason for this post is that I am a 50 cent fan at all, if any thing I’m behind Jay-Z a 100% when he said “I’m afraid of the future (why?)
yall respect the one who got shot I respect the shooter!”

But in any case here is the article I came across on “http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2010/05/27/50-cent-weight-loss-rapper-loses-4-stone-for-new-movie-role-amazing-pics-115875-22289919/”

Read it and see the dedication that actors (and I’m using the term loosely) go through for movie parts!

“50 Cent weight loss: Rapper loses 4 stone for new movie role – amazing pics

By Mirror.co.uk 27/05/2010

50 Cent (Pic:Getty/www.thisis50.com)

50 Cent looks more like tuppenny-ha’penny in these shocking pictures posted on his Twitter page.

A gaunt-looking Fiddy is unrecognisable after shedding almost four stone for an acting role.

The usually buff rapper real name Curtis Jackson achieved the drastic weight loss in just nine weeks by surviving on a liquid-only diet combined with daily three-hour treadmill walks.

50 Cent (Pic:www.thisis50.com)

In the movie, Things Fall Apart, 50 plays a US football star who is diagnosed with cancer. And hes certainly taking it seriously.

Not only has the rap star shrunk down to a tiny 11 stone 6lbs, losing six inches from his waist in the process, hes also removed all of his tattoos for the role.

Im starving, he said, unsurprisingly.

But the 34-year-old wont stay super skinny for long. Filming has finished and Fiddy starts a US tour on Friday so is eating normally again.

Ill be back in shape in no time, he added.”

Source : http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2010/05/27/50-cent-weight-loss-rapper-loses-4-stone-for-new-movie-role-amazing-pics-115875-22289919/

Now it’s your call 50 or Starvin Marvin?!

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Episode 12 – Leon the professional the DIRECTORS CUT!

This week the Upodcast team will astound you guys by talking about a Flying car (Ya, that’s right)!!!A documentary entitled Why We Laugh and finally the LOST iPhone 4G!! PLUS our special guest for the evening Mr. Ali; no connection to Ali’s “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee“, although in his head he is!!

We also have a full review for Leon the professional; Kick back and enjoy while you see Jean Reno take on the world with his mini arsenal that he has wrapped around him throughout the film, needless to say a film like such can only come out from Luc Besson’s intense imagination! Let’s not forget Natalie Portman, at 16 years old going in a film with Jean Reno, now is that not the dream of any 16 years old to act with Mr. LEON! Last but not least the one and only Gary Oldman who ROCKED his role!

Check out the trailers and full episode to stream or download after the jump!

Underwhelming Trinity (the quirky side of internet life) for this week is:

Ahmed gets caught up in the craze of the lost and found new generation iPhone 4G thanks to Gizmodo and MacRumours! Also, if you get a chance check out Jon Stewart’s reaction to the topic!

Asim talks about a documentary he has recently saw Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy (2009)

Martin this week talks to us about a flying car! Check out Ahmed’s and Ali’s reaction to it! Simply priceless!!

I hope you liked the show! Do spread the word on our podcast and a BIG thank you to all our new followers and subscribers.

PS I have just checked out last night Iron Man 2 and oh my god! IT ROCKED!! Plus I have a new founded respect for Scarlett Johansson not only her hottness overwhelms you but we will be seeing her in loads of action movies, because Miss Hottie CAN whup some ass!

Send us your feedback on feedback@upodcasting.com/, even if it is on Miss Scarlett Johansson!!

Send us your picks for underwhelming trinity or stat of the week and we’ll read out your email or play your recorded voicemail!


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Episode 11- The con movie: Matchstick Men!

This week Upodcast team will rock you guys by talking about a Toe Mouse!!! Movie Stars Who Should Try TV and whether you should keep your integrity intact for $16, 000! Check it out

We also have a full review for Matchstick Men; hear on our divine podcast the love-hate relationship most of us have with Nicolas Cage and of course Ridley Scott! ! And without a doubt one hell of an amazing performance from no one other then Alison Lohman

Check out the trailers and full episode to stream or download after the jump!


Underwhelming Trinity (the quirky side of internet life) for this week is:

Ahmed gets too lazy to find something from the near future for us, instead he comes across an article that got too much to him: Opinion: The story BCG offered me $16,000 not to tell.

Asim talks about The Movie Stars Who Should Try TV Let us know if you guys agree more with the article or our point of views?? feedback@upodcasting.com

Martin’s Stat of the week is is tweetminster! who are using Twitter to predict the outcome of the UK general election. As for his Underwhelming no need to say more then TOE MOUSE!

I hope you like the show,  what am I saying? Of course you guys love us and our show! Do spread the word on our podcast and a BIG thank you to all our new followers and subscribers.

Also, don’t forget our brothers from the states http://currysmugglers.com

Send us your feedback on feedback@upodcasting.com/

Send us your picks for underwhelming trinity or stat of the week and we’ll read out your email or play your recorded voicemail!

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Episode 9 SciFi Classic – Soylent Green

The Upodcast team visits the 70’s for the first time on the show and enjoys watching the one and only Mr. Charlton Heston!

Check out the podcast, the Soylent Green trailer and the full show notes after the jump!

The underwhelming trinity of this week is:

Ahmed discovers a very troubling leaflet about 80% of Belgium’s being stressed out, plus hear how he makes Asim and Martin his medical guinea pigs ,it will leave you laughing your heads off!

Stats of the week teaches us how Burger King too weird, McDonalds not honest, both could learn a thing or two from White Castle.

This week’s Genre is the 70’s SCi Fi Legend: Soylent Green. Directed by Richard Fleischer mostly know for his ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! Best documentary of 1947 in Design for Death and Doctor Dolittle (1967) . Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section

Here is the trailer:

Don’t forget to check out our new buddies on http://currysmugglers.com/ you’ll definetly have a blast with these guys!

You can send us your mails with suggestions on feedback@upodcasting.com and spread the word on UPODCAST!

As usual the music for this episode is provided by our good friend DJ Iron

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Episode 7 Anime – Steamboy (Suchīmuboi)

Hi all this week we will be talking about SteamBoy, the follow up movie of Katsuhiro Ohtomo‘s Akira!!

Ok, let’s get this show started, this week Asim, party Marty and I will be ranting out Two and a Half Men for being on the air for SEVEN years! Also, we are glad to know that we aren’t the only ones who share these feelings; check out what college humor guys came up with after the jump!


Let me underwhelm you!

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Episode 6 Battle of the Remakes: Thomas Crown Affair

Hey all and welcome to one more episode with the gang! Tonight we will be battling it out with The Thomas Crown Affair, so pretty much who prevails between Pierce 007 Brosnan versus Steve McQueen, who will win!!!!

Here are both trailers to check out!


Now it’s time for our underwhelming trinity, so here’s a rundown of our weekly crazy internet findings!

Asim will be talking not about one topic, but THREE! First let’s go to Germany, where guys find it hard to break up their relationship so they resort to a professional to do it for them guilt free, stress free!! Breaking up is hard to do, so pay someone else! Go or no go, please let us know what you think?!

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Episode 5 funf UPODCAST The Counterfeiters!

Hallo alle,

Today the gang and I will be reviewing one of Germany’s best! The Counterfeiters or should I call it Die Falscher, which is a true story of the largest counterfeiting operation in history, set up by the Nazis in 1936.

Check out the trailer:


And now, along the words Robbie Willams let me underwhelm you!



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Bonus episode: a post-apocalyptic Postman!(and a discussion about Futuristic Movies)

OK folks, roll up roll up!  Time to tide you over with a Bonus episode! Join the Upodcast team go mainstream and worship at the altar of one Kevin Costner…  Postman style.

The gang discusses the demise of Kevin Costner’s career and our top Post Apolcalyptic and/or Dystopian Future Movies. And why The Postman deserves it’s place in Pajiba‘s list of most cheesy movie moments!

You can also find the trailer here, although a trailer for this 3 hour film can’t do it justice 😉


You can send us your thoughts on feedback@upodcasting.com and you can also follow us on Twitter!

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Episode 4 UPODCAST – A Prophet (Un prophete)

This week we will French up a bit, and take you behind prison walls for a six year ride to follow Malik El Djebena (Tahar Rahim) a young Arab who is sent to a French prison where he becomes a mafia kingpin. The movie is directed by Jacques Audiard.

Check out the trailer for Un prophete below


Underwhelming Trinity of the week;

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Episode 3 The 80’s Classics- Midnight Run

After India and New Zealand, you will travel back in time to 1988 to check out Robert De Niro (in his Golden Globe-nominated performance) as a bounty hunter and Charles Grodin as his prisoner! Check out the trailer for Midnight Run below


First let me take you to our world of underwhelming trinity¦

Asim this time shares with us The 20 Best Canceled TV Series

Marty will be talking about building the ultimate database of sampled music and cover songs on WhoSampled!

And I will be introducing to you a new and futuristic side to Laptops to come!

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