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Episode 11- The con movie: Matchstick Men!

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This week Upodcast team will rock you guys by talking about a Toe Mouse!!! Movie Stars Who Should Try TV and whether you should keep your integrity intact for $16, 000! Check it out

We also have a full review for Matchstick Men; hear on our divine podcast the love-hate relationship most of us have with Nicolas Cage and of course Ridley Scott! ! And without a doubt one hell of an amazing performance from no one other then Alison Lohman

Check out the trailers and full episode to stream or download after the jump!

Underwhelming Trinity (the quirky side of internet life) for this week is:

Ahmed gets too lazy to find something from the near future for us, instead he comes across an article that got too much to him: Opinion: The story BCG offered me $16,000 not to tell.

Asim talks about The Movie Stars Who Should Try TV Let us know if you guys agree more with the article or our point of views??

Martin’s Stat of the week is is tweetminster! who are using Twitter to predict the outcome of the UK general election. As for his Underwhelming no need to say more then TOE MOUSE!

I hope you like the show,  what am I saying? Of course you guys love us and our show! Do spread the word on our podcast and a BIG thank you to all our new followers and subscribers.

Also, don’t forget our brothers from the states

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Send us your picks for underwhelming trinity or stat of the week and we’ll read out your email or play your recorded voicemail!

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