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Ep 5- The Dark Along The Ways- The Wheel Of Time Recap Show

Welcome to Upodcast Presents the Wheel of Time Recap Show and our take on Episode 7, the one that got Amazon excited enough to commission a second season. We...

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Ep 115- Khandaan Returns

KHANDAAN: A BOLLYWOOD PODCAST is slowly coming back from hiatus with our end of year mini-episodes. Asim, Sujoy and Amrita would like to thank you all for your patience...

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Ep 4- The Flame Of Tar Valon- The Wheel Of Time Recap Show

In the latest episode of Upodcast Presents The Wheel of Time Recap Show, we discuss Episode 6 in which we are introduced to a major new character and see...

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The 3 shows



Main Event

Our geekiest show or original recipe. We talk about what’s new in the world of movies, TV, streaming, comics and geekitude!


Upodcast BE

Bollywood Edition

Probably the longest running Bollywood Podcast in the world! Bollywood film reviews, the largest collection of interviews with your favourite stars on any podcast and filmy debates.

Khan Daan Podcast

Bi Weekly Podcast
A nostalgic deep dive into the movies of Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh Khan, three global superstars of enduring interest. Additionally, on alternate weeks, we cover current events in Bollywood, new and interesting streaming content in English and other Indian languages, plus other news in film. Khandaan is your one stop shop for nostalgia, laughter, and distraction.

Behind The Mic

Asim Burney

Asim loves to love movies and he has a thousand inane arguments why you should love the things he loves. Massey to the annoyance of his co-hosts. Won’t miss a Farah Khan, Tarantino or Nolan movies if his live depends on it. (yes, in that order)

Martin Cawley

Martin is a generalist when it comes to movies & almost pathologically wary of any film more than two hours long. Passions include Alfred Hitchcock, James Bond, Akira Kurosawa and 1970s Italian giallos.  Happy watching anything slightly different, recent favourites are Brick, Drive, Colossal and Il Divo.

Sujoy Singha

Sujoy is a nerd at heart, and likes all things geeky – from tech to techno noir. 

Once upon a time, he used to blog, but now deals with the bigger picture of life’s uncertainties – what’s the bloody point, dammit?!

So, Bollywood masala keeps him sane enough to function. He sometimes rants on podcasts, and still manages to space out.

Amrita Rajan

Thanks to Indian piracy, Amrita grew up obsessed with all things cinematic. She’ll watch
anything once, irrespective of language or genre, and she’ll usually have 10 opinions afterward.
As host of the Khandaan podcast, she’s happy to rain on the parade of her co-hosts and
fanboys, Asim and Sujoy, and occasionally join them for a full freakout because this gossip
queen is not made of stone.

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