Movies you might have missed in 2012 (Bollywood)

Arjun the Warrior Prince

As with Oh My God, usually we ran far away from anything religious but the tie up of UTV and Disney animation was something we wanted to check out.

And even though not a run away success Arjun The Warrior Prince definitely has some elements that deserve a 2nd watch (even more as it is available on Netflix).

The animation itself is slick and streets ahead from Roadside Romeo and other animal based Hindi animation, some shots the rendering is still a bit lacking, as well as the fight scenes which are abundant the flow is a choppy.

Arjun The Warrior Prince doesn’t entirely prove that there is a place for animated movies in India and that although they haven’t been able to let go of the image that it’s a “cartoon” solely for children or to tell mythological stories.

We do admit there were moments where we had to open up the Wikipedia page to figure out exactly what happened in the story especially because of the abrupt end but we do recommend anyone interested in Indian animation or mythology to check it out.

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