District 9

Momentos by Nuno Rocha

Beautiful short film by Portugese Director Nuno Rocha commisioned by LG. I have one of their TV‘s and am very satisfied (so LG throw some money the Upodcast way) and besides that the short film is beautiful. But then again , I have a heart that beats hard and fast. Keep a tissue handy for any tears and check out these achingly moving 6 minutes of cinema after the jump:

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Oscars 2010…and the wieners are…

Altough the Upodcast team usually talks about under the radar news, being movie buffs we do get caught up with the yearly hysteria of the Academy Awards.

After the jump you can find the full list of winners and wieners from aunty Beeb

And don’t forget to catch our next Podcast( Episode 9) where we will be giving our acerbic take on this year’s show…with some very special guests.

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