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About us

The Under Promise Over Deliver Podcast – a weekly dose of small ticket entertainment!  And a here’s a little bit about your hosts

Spanning the heaving metropolis of London and the European Union “capital” of Brussels, Asim, Martin and Ahmed aim to give you our take on good the bad and the downright ugly of the big and small screen…with a few other odds and sods thrown in for good measure.

Without meaning to generalise, it’s fair to say that Martin likes old films much more than the other two, Asim’s chosen specialist subject is, erm, most films from the 1980s onwards, with Bollywood thrown in for good measure and Ahmed likes pretty much everything apart from the things that Asim and Martin really like.  Ahmed is certainly a fan of Superman, but not as much as Seinfeld as he can’t get a reference in to every podcast (yet).

Aside from the main interests in film and TV, all three speak French and also covered are Dutch (Belgish Dutch anyway), Arabic and Urdu.  No prizes for guessing who speaks what.  You’ll find a wide range of non-English speaking films gets talked about, taken to pieces, complimented and rated!  New Zealand, India, France among many others.

Upodcast hope you find our take on TV and films entertaining and want you to get in touch – we can be reached at upodcasting(at)gmail(dot)com, @upodcast on Twitter and the daddy of all social media, Upodcasting’s Facebook.

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