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Ep 3- Binging Bridgerton

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BINGING BRIDGERTON is a deep dive into the eight episodes of the eponymous series on Netflix. Hosts Beth Watkins and Amrita Rajan are joined by Manish Mathur (host of the excellent It Pod to be You as well as Queer and Now) to discuss the events of the third episode, take a closer look at relationship between Daphne and Simon, the optics of Simon as sex coach, and the gender politics of this show.

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Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata No. 21, Op. 53 in C Major Waldstein – I. Allegro Con Brio. Performed by Paul Pitman.

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    It’s a story so central to Boudin’s life that he tells it time and time again, Always with a similar last line: with Lorenzo, “chances played out,

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    “I never wanted to do run for office, Boudin announced. “because the compromise. enhance mucky, revolting policymaking process. The moral clarity to be a public defender was safer, Was less cumbersome. But i came across myself, I think we all find our self, In a pretty unique cultural moment. And now I face the slippery slope of steal. commonplace,

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