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Pompeii, Godzilla, 3 Days to Kill Upodcast

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They say good things come in 3s and after a short break, Ahmed returns to complete the 3 musketeers, joining Asim and Martin to talk about 3 movies.  Appropriately, we first talk about Kevin Costner’s latest film 3 days to kill.  Hit, miss or meh?  We’ll set you on the right path.

Next-up we get into true blockbuster territory with Gareth Evans’ much anticipated Godzilla.  A true beast in every sense of the word, it’s smashed the box office like a massive radioactive lizard-thing lying dormant in post-production before being unleashed on cinema-goers the world over.  How much giganto-monster action can we take?  Probably more than we get served if we’re honest, but we’ll guide you through the MUTO and Bryan Cranston show.

Completing the trilogy this episode is Pompeii.  It’s always good to see actors from one our favourite TV shows breaking into mainstream cinema and finding a new audience, but is Kit Harrington’s first major feature the vehicle to take him to the next level?  Opinion is divided within Upodcasting certainly and Martin comes dangerously close to defending it against Godzilla of all things!

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