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R.I.P.D, Marvel’s Agents Of Shield and Captain America: The Winter Soldier Upodcast

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The boys are back in town.  And they’re not in a good mood.  Although Martin hasn’t watched TV in about 3 weeks Asim and Ahmed have been tucking into Agents of Shield and that hasn’t gone down very well.  Are hints of the A-Team and guest spots from Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill enough to keep us tuned-in each week?  Martin is in the midst of some kind quest to find the holy grail of gothic and horror cinema, courtesy of the British Film Institute. 8 movies in 8 days and a mere 17 to go in the next 3 weeks.

So surely there has to be something out there to keep us enthusiastic.  We talk about the new trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier and what we expect from the coming movie.  Plenty of action (natch) but we could well be seeing the beginnings of one of the less understood and appreciated super heroes being shaped into someone truly 21st century.  And for that we are happy!

Moving on to the week’s feature, RIPD, where to start?  Quite possibly this movie won’t operate at a loss when it’s finished its journey around world cineplexes…but maybe not.  And it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that either.  Can Kevin Bacon act any differently in this than the mobile phone ads he’s in in the UK?  Can Jeff Bridges produce an accent different to True Grit?  Will Ryan Reynolds still be acting in big budget movies in 2 years time?  Tune in for this and more!


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