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Highly odd but highly brilliant: Without You – Lapalux

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You're not a freak

If in my last post I said that the video was way cool, then this video has to be way weird. It’s brilliant…but ever so weird. Directed by Nick Rutter and featuring Natalia Tena (better known for starring in Harry Potter and better known still for starring in Game of Thrones as wildling Osha) this is the official video for Lapalux‘s Without You (featuring Kerry Leatham on distorted vocals). I could go on and on for hours about the music but I find Lapalux incredibly difficult to describe (beyond the catch-all of IDM/head music) and I’d come across as an inarticulate, rambling fool. Instead, enjoy the story, the photography and the images. In equal measure there are some funny moments and some very touching moments – the video does inded fit the song. I’ll warn viewers of a sensitive disposition that there is a brief moment of nudity and an ever-present man (presumably) in a latex gimp suit.



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