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Way cool video: Is Tropical – The Greeks

But all kids are cute right?

Check out this video of  The Greeks by Brit band Is Tropical.  It’s ages old (2011), but worthy of a post I’d say.   In fact, the video is so bloody good I can’t tell you anything of any note about the song; I just get distracted by the images.  The clever thing about this is that as boys, we all know that this is what’s going through our minds when we play war games, cops n robbers etc.  Now we’ve had it translated onto video for us!  Excellent use of the kids in this one and some cool moves with the guns and cell animation.  Definitely look out for the drug deal gone bad – classic re-creation from so many movies and TV shows.  Why didn’t anyone think of doing this sooner?  A fantastic video, simple and effective as well as being relatively cheap I’d have thought.  Thanks to the creative genius that is Megaforce for this one.  Oh and the song isn’t bad at all – credit where credit’s due!

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