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Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes) Review

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Here is a review from our guest blogger Miss FooFantastic from FrightFest in London, she’ll be posting a couple of reviews here, so if you are a horror fan, keep your eye out for them. (this one I’m actually quite looking forward to)

From [REC] co-director Jaume Balagueró, comes ‘Mientras Duermes’, titled ‘Sleep Tight’ in English. Moving away from zombie scares as seen in [REC], Jaume delivers a menacing psychological thriller, with a strong lead performance by Luis Tosar. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish as you’ll be keen to find out what the hell is going on, bringing you to a slow realisation of something much more malicious than you could imagine.

The story revolves around Cesar (Luis Tosar), a janitor of a fancy apartment building in Barcelona. Cesar has an unhealthy obsession with bubbly resident Clara (Marta Etura), each night hiding in her apartment waiting for her to return from work, only to sneak beside her in bed at night. He also goes through great lengths to even make her life more difficult, so he can seemingly play the hero. However, throughout the movie, it becomes clear that Cesar’s motives behind his actions are not purely because he’s obsessed with the person of Clara, it goes beyond that. And it’s discovering his actual motives that show what a miserable and mean character sits behind this seemingly innocent and helpful janitor. And still, as the viewer you get completely sucked into Cesar’s little world, and even get nervous for him during those moments where it seems he might get caught out.

Some elements of humour and light-heartedness to this unsettling tale are provided by the other residents in the building. There’s the bratty little girl bribing Cesar for some interesting objects, as she’s aware of what Cesar’s been up to during the night. Then there’s the old lady with her dogs, who gets an unwanted reality check from Cesar, making you laugh out loud, but also feel so extremely sad for the lady.

What makes this movie so awesome is the whole uncovering of why Cesar is doing what he does, and also, how far he gets in doing this.  Luis Tosar plays an excellent anti-hero, making you question your own character for having some sympathy at some points during the movie for such an evil person. The ending will leave you feel sick to your stomach, and you can imagine the heart-wrenching pain and disgust of what Clara must feel at that very moment. This is a wonderfully dark movie, maintaining a fine balance between creepiness and suspense, and most of all, it leaves you feeling very much disturbed.

Fun fact: Main actor and actress Luis Tosar and Marta Etura were married in real life. While they were still married when filming this movie, they are currently separated.

Watch this if: you like psychological thrillers, and can handle a few minutes of blood. Also recommended if you’re curious to see how evil people can actually be.

Don’t watch this if: you’re the type to check for monsters in closets, under beds, etc. before going to sleep. Also, if for some reason the janitor in your building/office creeps you out, you’d better skip this one.


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