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007 James Bond Retrospective Part 1- “The Connery’s” Upodcast

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This Episode of Upodcast is Part 1 of a 4 part retrospective, With Skyfall’s imminent release in the Golden-eyenniversary year of the world’s most famous drinker, smoker, gambler, womanizer and spy, Upodcast takes the chance to head down memory lane.

We’ll take a look at the many incarnations, covering the good, the great & the short-lived.  This episode kicks things off with the original and some say, best Bond, Sean Connery.  Others will follow where we’ll take an in depth look at the rest.

Each episode we will be joined by some amazing guests and we are very fortunate that to kick proceedings off this week one of the Editor’s of the path breaking citizen’s news journal Blottr and Bond connoisseur, Ravin Sampat, has joined us. You can follow him on twitter or his tumblr blog.
With our sights set, we take aim at the Connery era starting from 1962’s Dr No all the way to 1983’s the non- Eon produced, Never Say Never Again,  much to Martin and Ravin’s disgust.

We also talk about Sean’s accent, his physique and his wig…but not his tattoo.  So, we hope you enjoy our mission into the world of Ian Fleming’s indefatigable secret agent.  Fasten the seatbelts on your Aston Martin DB5 as we rewind to 1962.

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