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Taalaash Trailer Finally Surfaces

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The long awaited trailer for Talaash has finally arrived after the release date got bumped from June 1st to November 30th and quite a few rumors about Amir Khan’s alleged disappointment with the direction Reema Kagti took or not wanting to loose his position at the Box Office after both other Khans delivered quite a few massive hits.

Frankly, I think both reports are B.S. as Amir has always walked his own walk.


When other actors are growing moustaches and donning police uniforms to cater to mass audiences, Amir chooses to work on what looks like a very cerebral thriller, a genre doesn’t draw desi audiences. Although No One Killed Jessica and Kahaani, prove that the timing might be perfect, and even I am getting tired of massy Southie remakes lately (and we have a few yet to arrive)


Dealing with a mysterious murder of a film star, Armaan Kapoor, but quickly turning into a story of obsession, guilt and infidelity. Amir Khan is accompanied by an amazing cast of Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee and Nawazzuddin Siddiqui (who I wonder if is getting more prominence in the trailer after Kahaani and Gangs Of WasseyPur)


I’m really looking forward to Taalaash, not only because it’s an Amir Khan flick, which is pretty much the gold standard in Hindi Movies, but also because I loved Reema Kagti’s debut HoneyMoon Travels, although I discovered it very late on a random tv zapping session. Khan is usually enjoyable in tough guy roles especially when he did Baazi and Sarfarosh years ago, although he doesn’t have the physicality anymore to convincingly play a cop, the moustache surely makes up for quite a bit.

It’s always fun to see Rani Mukherjee on screen who I never seem to get enough of and together with her Aiyya releasing soon, we’re in for some great releases from her and seeing her different shades.

The only wild card is really Kareena Kapoor, although she is fabulous as in her Heroine trailer, she just doesn’t seem to be part of the same movie we are watching, maybe it’s her diva persona that has gotten too big but it feels like very long ago since she actually had to challenge herself cinematically.


In any case Talaash is a movie to look forward to, hitting theaters on November 30th.




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