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Adit Rao Hydari Talks to Upodcast About London Paris New York

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Part 2 of our interviews about London Paris New York, we chat with the wonderful Aditit Rao Hydari.

Dancer and actress Aditi Rao Hydari made her acting debut in 2007 in Sharada Ramanathan’s acclaimed film ‘Sringaram’. She is best known for her role in popular film ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’, and also in Rockstar and Dilli 6.

We’re posting both chats here in separate podcasts, let us know what you thought of the movie or our interviews in the comment section below. And do go back to check out our conversation with Ali Zafar.

As usual Upodcast tries to ask different questions and create a conversation with our guests, so we really do hope you enjoy it!


London, Paris, New York releases in theaters today!



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