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Ep 40 Pan Am TV Show Bonus Episode

Upod goes flying for its next podcast; a one-off special with guest reviewer Reena Mumbai, aka Mumbai Mango from or @r2the from twitter (you can also catch her on her blog at Reena.Me)

Unfortunately, this episode comes with a warning of some turbulence so you’ll have to fasten your ears into their seatbelts for some bumpy audio.

The latest US show to ape the look and feel of the early sixties, Pan-Am focuses on the airline of the day: Pan American world Airways.  In the decade when business class was economy and first class was first class the show seeks to blend a bit of women’s liberation with cold war espionage.  All the while looking supremely glossy.

Produced by Sony TV and aired by ABC in the US, Pan-Am has some heavyweight names attached to it: writer Jack Orman of ER fame and director Thomas Schlamme of The West Wing behind the scenes, and Christina Ricci (’nuff said) and Margot Robbie from, erm, Aussie soap Neighbours.

So is it worth paying the airfare?  We flew Pan-Am for 2 to 3 episodes so you can find out and episode 6 airs this Sunday.  Wait, how did I get this far and not mention Mad Men?

Listen to the podcast below!

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