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Melissa McCarthy(Bridesmaids) And Joel McHale (Community) Train For The Emmys!

The Emmy nominations are about to be announced this thursday and to create some viral buzz here is a hilarious video of last year’s Emmy host, Joel Mchale, loved by Upodcast for his role in one of our favorite shows Community and Melissa Mcarthy, who almost stole the show from Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, “training” for this years awards show which I assume Melissa will be presenting after her succes in Bridesmaids.

Tune in for Episode 30 of our Podcast (Posting this week but if you subscribe to Upodcast in iTunes there is no chance you’ll miss it!) to hear our review of Bridesmaids but Melissa does keep surpising us with her abilitiy throwing herself headfirst into any comedic possibilites especially as we only knew her as Sookie from Gilmore Girls before this. (Yes we confortable enough in our masculinity to admit to having seen episodes of Gilmore Girls)

Since we all love trainging montages (with freeze frame ending and all), and both of these performers are wonderful, we thought we coudl post this clip even if have no interest in the Emmy’s whatsoever.(Unless Community wins, then YAY!)

Check out the clip below!


Let us know what your thoughts and if you are tuning into the Emmy’s this year in the comment section .


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5 thoughts on “Melissa McCarthy(Bridesmaids) And Joel McHale (Community) Train For The Emmys!”

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  2. Could not care less about the Emmys, but if these two had their own show that was anything like this I would tune in. Also I need to get on the Community train. Like hard. 

    1. yeah same here, I dont care but knowing how TV shows get canceled, I was hoping Community would get a nod. It seriously is my favorite show of the moment and you need to get on it like a car bonnet!

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