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A Chat with the LIFF Program Director Cary Rajinder Sawhney

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Running from June 30th to July 12th 2011, the London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) offers cinema-goers  a new wave of Indian  films from film makers across the region.

Organised by Cary Rajinder Sawhney the LIFF aims to showcase Indian films in a different  light; those that don’t conform to the  traditional Bollywood structures, story and direction.

Festival organiser par excellence


Upodcast, in yet another exclusive spoke to Cary about the LIFF and what we  can expect from it in the future.  For those who can’t quite get their heads around the all singing all dancing side of Indian cinema, the good news is that there is a great outlet for something new and challenging and it will only get bigger and more accessible.


The full program can be found here


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