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Second Immortals Trailer

Here is a new trailer to Tarsem (Singh)’s Immortals. As always the visuals look amazing but that’s a guarantee if you have the former ad film maker involved. His previous effort The Fall is a movie I recommend whenever people ask me which Blu ray disks they should get. The visuals on it are just bonker but as with many directors that make the leap from advertising to feature length movie making, the story is sometimes the weak point.

We get to see more of Henry Cavill the soon to be Superman, our favorite petite Indian-actress-in Hollywood Freida Pinto (that dress dropping scene has already caused some controversy in India) , Micky Rourke in a crazy helmet and slow motion Kung Fu.

Not only does it have a strong 300/ Clash of the Titans vibe but it even has a bit of Kanye West’s Power video don’t you think?

The trailer and the Kanye West video are below to compare.

Immortals is out as the trailer claims on 11.11.11

Let us know if you’re looking forward to Immortals (we are!) in the comment section

Image Source: Screenrant

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