History of Rap

Who doesn’t love Hip Hop (except racists)? French BeatBox artist Eklips takes us through the journey from classics as Afrikaa Bombaata, all the way to the recent Kanye West Album. It truly is amazing to see how things have changed ( altough maybe not always for the best). One of the best Beatbox Vids we’ve seen in a long time. Check it out after the jump!

Eklips recorded this as a Promo vid for Trace, the French Hip Hop channel. Altough i listened quite a lot to French rap artists I have fallen out of love as commercialism pretty much mutated the industry, a problem not only prevalent in France but the days of Iam, Fonky Family and NTM are truly over.

Here is a link to Eklips’ myspace page which deos have some really good cuts and video’s on it, do check it out if you like the video we posted!

And here are Jimmy fallon and Justin Timberlake doing the same thing during the Social Network promotion tour a couple of months ago!

Let us know who’s take you prefer in the comments section below!

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