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Suit up, Superheroes!

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2011 surely seems to be the year of superhero movies with both DC and Marvel firing both barrels. Here is a rundown of First looks of some of the characters that we will be seeing across the big screens! Check out the pictures after the jump!


Although we don’t know the official name of Marc Webb’s the new Spider man reboot, we do know the starcast and now we know what Spiderman will look like. Andrew Garfield’s first official costume has just been released. There are quite a few subtle changes from the Tobey Maguire costume and there are rumors this look was inspired from the classic Steve Ditko Spiderman to which we can agree to seeing similarities.

The material they used seems shinier, the logo slightly darker and the arms look more like gloves. Maybe it’s the way the suit is cut but Andrew looks a lot leaner than Tobey ever. We’re adding both pictures so you can compare for yourself!

 There is a lot of speculation if the image reveals anything about the plot of the movie. What we do know is that this Spiderman will be set back in Peter Parker’s school days .The previous non-suited images did confirm that and also gave us a glimpse of Emma Stone’s blond Gwen Stacy (Parker’s romantic lead in this adaptation and not Mary Jane Watson, the character we usually associate to be Peter Parker’s romantic counterpart).  We won’t speculate on the plot or story that but we are definitely looking forward to the first trailer hopefully releasing soon.

Release Date:4 July 2012 (UK)

Captain America: The First Avenger

Unlike Spiderman, a movie that is releasing this year and after Iron Man 2 probably the movie that set’s up the Avenger’s franchise. We, at Upodcast, have been discussing and pondering about this movie since Upodcast episode 8. We had the fan made concept art posted and some shots of Chris Evans buffed up from the effects of the super soldier serum but this is the first full image we see of The Suit.

We’ve always loved the adapted to real world design of it especially as the original Captain America look simply would not work outside of the comics. Especially the little wings on the side of the helmet and boots would just look silly. This looks more like tactical padding and army gear close to what but it seems we won’t be seeing the mythical shield in the form we know and love. (Cap getting his shield could be part of the plot for either movie)

Chris Evans as captain America is exciting, we still worry about Joe Johnston’s skills as a director though. His previous movie was the Benicio Del Toro starrer The Wolfman…(nuff said?)

Release Date:29 July 2011 (UK)

Lisbeth Salander

Ok, I know Lisbeth is maybe not a superhero in classical terms but as there are no real female superhero movies being released next year, she is the closest we will be getting.

David Fincher is giving his Girl with the Dragon Tattoo adaptation quite a different spin which I can only applaud. There is no sense in putting an artist like Fincher at the helm if you are going to regurgitate and basically just reshoot the same movie in English.

Lots of actresses tried out but Roonee Mara (best known as playing Mark Zuckerberg’s ex girlfriend in The Social network) got the part and now a punk makeover.

She manages to look different but in the same vein as Noomi Rapace, her Swedish counterpart.

I must say after watching and reviewing The Girl with the Dragon tattoo, it wasn’t a world I wanted to revisit but the cast they put together ( Daniel Craig is playing Mikael Blomkvist) and Fincher’s approach has definitely piqued my interest.

Release Date: 26 December 2011 (UK)


Maybe not the first Bollywood superhero film but definitely one to look out for is Ra.One starring the King of Bollywood, ShahRukh Khan as our electric powered hero G.One.  (Ra.One is supposed to be the villain and a play of words on Raavan, the mythological villain in the Ramayana)

Not based on any known comic book property (but Upodcast’s guess is that it could be based on a video game-Infamous) Shot partly in Battersea Power station (as was Nolan’s Dark Knight) and with allegedly the biggest Bollywood SFX budget, this might just end up being the superhero movie we end up loving the most as it will definitely be the only superhero that can dance whilst shooting lightning beams out of his eyes!

This is a trailer for Infamous2, where you control a character that can charge and shoot electricity. This has probably nothing to do with the movie but knowing Shahrukh is a huge gamer, this might just be part of his inspiration.

 Let us know which look excites you the most in the comment section below!

Imges from : EW/Slashfilm/Collider

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