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Gylne Tider: Let it be- The Ultimate Celebrity Where Are They Now?

Gylne Tider means Golden Times in Norwegian and for the premiere of the 4th season of  “Where are they now?” a little viral video has been created with a host of childhood stars. Altough I don’t understand why some of the people are included (Glenn Close, Mickey Rourke) as they still have pretty succesful careers, it is fun to see a lot of older faces on blue screen backgrounds. Check out this awesome viral video after the jump!

This is the video for season 4, premiering soon

We can see some of the following names but don’t want to spoil the rest for you!

Glenn Close, Dolph Lundgren, Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, Judd Nelson, Daryl Hannah, Lou Ferrigno, the guy who played Forrest Gump as a child, George Wendt. Steve Guttenberg, and Katarina Witt.

Glyne Tider season 3 did one last year but it’s slighly less Epic in scale!

Can I just add… Lorenzo freakin Lamas!!!

Thanks for the tip to our friend Helene!

Let us know which star you miss most from days gone by in the comment section below!

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