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Playstation Phone For Real?

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The first few images of the New Sony EricssonPlaystationphone have just hit the web. Altough there is much debate if these images are real or not but seeing the track record of Engadget‘s abilitiy for finding tech scoops, this could be a real possibility!

Hearing about this was a real surprise to me,  as the last company that tried combining phones with gaming in this shape was the unfortunate Nokia Ngage, and altough the marketing push was huge,

The Failed Nokia Ngage

 the phone was an utter failure. It was neither a passable phone neither had the quality or choice of games to sustain it. I know,  as I was one of the schmucks that bought an Ngage and never bought a Nokia product ever again.

However Sony Ericsson does make a half decent phone and their gaming library is huge so this might actually work. Especially with the Playstation Network they can offer small games to challenge iPhone, altough there is no confirmation on that yet.

Check out some more of the technical specs and a full image gallery on the Endgaget website by clicking here.

Would you buy a Playstation phone? Let us know in the comment section below!

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