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Back To The Future Reunion!

Great Scots! Back to the Future is celebrating it’s 25th annniversary this year and being re-released in the UK cinemas in high-definition.

There is a video game in the pipeline and of course a Blu Ray with lot’s of juicy extra’s so the movie has been gaining a lot of momentum in quite a few media outlets. The Scream 2010 awards held by Spike TV had  a little reunion by putting both the stars on stage.  Check out the clips after the jump!

It’s the Power of Nostalgia!

BBC Film 2010 ,now with Claudia Winkleman (no relation to the Winklevoss Twins), is still trying to find it’s footing with Jonathan Ross‘s departure. They havent been able to reach the right balance yet but we will still need to give them a few more episodes before we can give a balanced judgement.

What they did manage to was run a great feature on why BTTF is such a classic by interviewing quite a few people involved in the production or who saw it growing up like most of us. I suggest you seek out the segment on the net or catch it on BBC’s iPlayer.

Slashfilm recently ran an article on the concept art being leaked for the video game and the Blu Ray digitally restored print is just around the corner too, one of the juicy extra’s will be the previously unreleased footage of the original Marty Mcfly played by Eric Stoltz and not Michael J Fox! Even in the short clips you see, Eric had a very different approach and I honestly am glad the movie shaped out the way it did.( see links below!)

So it was amazing to see both of the stars reunite on stage and David Spade does a pretty good Marty Mcfly impression!

Let us know what you love about Back to the Future in the comment section below!

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