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UpodCast Dabanng Special

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Like Salman Khan, UpodCast walks it’s own beat. This week we dissect the phenomenon of Dabanng joined by friends of the show Filmigirl and Anandini. We extensively review the movie, ask ourselves if you need to be a Salman Khan fan to enjoy Dabanng to the fullest, debate the return to massala entertainment,  rave about Sonakshi Sinha and also discusss what a potential sequel could look like.  Oh, if that wasn’t enough to salivate your earbuds,  we also discuss the  forthcoming releases for the rest of the year! For all this and much much more, Listen to the episode after the jump!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is again:

And Here is Munni again, coz who doesn’t love Munni?

via bollywoodhungama

You can follow Filmigirl’s blog on or catch her appearances on Geekson-podcast. Her Love Story 2050-recap is currently Asim’s favorite thing on the internet!

Anandini’s writings and podcasts can be found on her Bollystalgic blog and she’s also taking part in Neetu-Sing-along. Keep your ears out for a dedicated Salman Khan episode coming soon!

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We are still experiencing some technical difficulties with our previous episodes, we hope to get everything solved soon.

Thanks for listenting!


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