Angry Birds: New Character revealed!

If you have Angry Birds on your iPhone (or other less impressive smartphones) , then you have spent many hours playing this highly addictive game  trying to kill the green and mean Pigs that stole your eggs. Rovio has just announced the launch of a new character The Mighty Eagle, check out the video for a sneakpeak after the jump!

Developped by the Finnish Game developper Rovio, the object of the game is to slingshot diffferent kinds of birds through puzzles and kill pigs as pigs are evil. Something Muslims and Jewish people all over the world  have known for ages!

Since it’s launch almost 6.5 Million people have downloaded the game, initially on Iphone and Ipod Touch, the game is now available for many other platforms and there is even a movie deal rumoured  in the pipeline.

Angry Birds is a personaly favorite of the Upodcast team and we desperately wait for every new update. If there isn’t one, we just chuck dead birds at each other to pass the time!

via Buzzfeed

I actually even like the little animated video’s that accompany the game. They have this old-school Hanna Barbera feel to them.

Altough you don’t see much of the Mighty Eagle, it does wet our appetite on what other crazy methods of destruction the Angry Birds-team will come up with.

How addicted are you to Angry birds? Let us know in the comment section below!

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