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DABANGG: The most BANGGin’ Bollywood trailer of 2010!

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DABANGG has been my most anticipated Bollywood movie for 2010 and I am elated to see that the trailer is catering to all our masala sensibilities and delivers an all fronts. It’s like an explosion of all things yummy and dipped in awesome juice!

Starring Salman Khan and introducing Shotgun Sinha’s daughter, Sonaksi. Dabanng is a movie about a “bad ass Robin hood corrupt cop” set in rural India. Arbaaz Khan is producing (and acting) with Abhinav Kashyap in charge of direction and the trailer looks uh-ma-zing!. Check it out our thoughts and the full trailer after the jump!

The trailer is pretty much an introduction to the character of Chulbul Pande, a corrupt police inspector somewhere in lawless outskirts of Bihar, India. We have Salman Khan making lots of hero-poses wearing an Amitabh Bachan in Mahaan moustache, pulling out his gun and shooting randomly in what looks like song sequences, threatening goons with quotable (and hilarious one-liners) and then the trailer finishes off with balls to wall action starts.

I have been very vocal in my hate for wire- based fight sequences. I think Dabanng however is using it in the right way, the train sequence we see is heart pounding compare that to the train sequence in the disappointing Veer and you know that this is going to be the movie Salman Khan fans will be talking about for the rest of the year, as was the case with last years Wanted.

Many viewers are finding a lot of similarities with Wanted. This is probably because of the warehouse fight scenes and Sallu wearing a police uniform again. But this movie looks a lot crazier and fun then Wanted was, the way Salman Khan reacts to situations, the dancing reminds me actually more of Hello Brother or the Thai movie Tears of the Black Tiger but it does have that over-the-top South Indian fighting style.

What jumps out except the hero is the level of care taken by the production team. The shots look beautiful!  Every frame is looking vibrant and the landscape has the earthiness we saw last in Omkara. The background score is reminiscent of Robert Rodriguez Desperado Trilogy or even Kaminey by Vishal Bhardwaj, making me look forward to getting my hands on the entire soundtrack. Having looked at the track list I see there are a few Rahat Ali Khan songs on it which is making me jump for joy!

I just hope that this trailer is cut according to the overall tone of the movie and not just to get the public excited and get butts in the seat. Home productions for the Khans have not always been a sure fire hits although the heart is always in it (I Proud to be Indian is awesome!), and the last release Main Aur Mrs Khanna was even so boring that even the leads were sleepwalking through the movie!

I also hope we get a few more whistle worthy dialogues in the next trailer as the ones here are mostly played for laughs.

Friend of the show, Filmigirl has been really excited about Sonaksi Sinha and I have to admit, her saying one line in this trailer fills me with more hope of acting potential than all the Deepika’s and Priyanka’s combined. And the girl knows how to shake a leg too from the brief shots we see!

 As you might have guessed, Upodcast will be keeping an eye on this movie! We love everything in this trailer and hope the movie will deliver the excitement this trailer has built up!

Dabangg is set for a September 10 release.

Are you looking forward to Dabanng after seeing the trailer? Let us know in the comment section below!

Ps Paul the Octopus has declared Dabanng a super hit already 🙂 (via Arbaazkhan)

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