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iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3 (if you don’t like reading and such)

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Here’s a little infographic about the difference between the new shiny iPhone 4 and the old and ugly iPhone 3 that no one wants anymore.

See the full screen image after the jump!


Steve Job’s has never had a need to create more buzz on any of his product sas the guy probably swallowed a whole beehive when he was a baby. But the hoopla created by the iPhone 4 when it got “stolen” or “found”  was unmatched with any of it’s previous product launches.

We even spoke about it in our Podcast Upodcast Episode 12!

But with all of the media storm created some people have started wondering, so what does this new iPhone exactly do and how does it compare to the older model.

Here is a handy little chart explaining the differences, you can click the image for a full screen image!

Via TheNextWeb

The iPhone 4 is releasing the 24th June in the UK, US, Japan, France and Germany.

Are you excited? Let us know in the comment section below!

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