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Adidas: Star Wars Celebrity Cantina

With the Football world cup just around the corners a lot of brands are upping their advertisement coverage. Living in England , we get inundated by cheap gimmicky ads with C-level footballers (I am talking to you Mars) so it’s quite refreshing when Adidas manages to hit the right tone of geekiness and celebrity appearnace withouth loosing “cool points”. Here’s the latest Star Wars ad inspired by the Cantina scene featuring Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, Jay Baruchel, one of the Gallaghers and David Beckham. (or as I like calling him, Beckman) Check out the ad after the jump:

I can understand Snoop Dogg is in here, Who wouldn’t want to wield a light saber plus they offered him the coolest part. Altough he didn’t get the cool purple one like Samuel L Jackson.

Beckman is/was a sporting personality (he still plays right?) but can someone explain to me what Jay Baruchel and Oasis are doing in this?

The one thing that has been amazing in most Adidas ads lately has been the music.

Here are some of the tracks that they have recently used.

The ads were made by Canadian ad agency Sid Lee

So what do you think? A cool out or are all these celebrities sell-outs? Let us know in the comment section below!

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