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The Evolution of Nintendo’s Game controller

Altough I have been a gamer since I can remember, I was never a fan of Nintendo. the only 2 moments I was close to switching from my Sega or Atari was when the original Zelda came out or Streetfighter II got its release on the SNES.

The following image gives a good idea on how the console evolved and ultimately was not able to compete with the mighty Playstation and Xbox. As a result Nintendo had to completely re-invent itself into a console for Yoga lovers and/or celebrities and their relatives having more fun than any gamer has ever had in their life.

Oh god,  I hate those WII ads…

Here’s the full pic:

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1 thought on “The Evolution of Nintendo’s Game controller”

  1. I think I’ve abused the SNES controller the most, the future in gaming would be controllerless as Kinect is now demonstrating

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