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Spaced, The US remake

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There used to be a time where we could complain about American shows polluting the global airwaves with drivel. But then the Brits dropped Big Brother, Pop Idol and Insert Country that Has Talent and the TV landscape has never been the same.The baton of shame has clearly been passed to Brits now but there are still a few examples of horrible American remakes of British shows that were good.:Absolutely Fabolous, Coupling, Little Britain and the ALi G show come to mind but I don’t want to indulge in broad generalization but there have only been a handful of  decent examples eg The Office and the doomed Top Gear US, which I never saw but was going to be hosted by one of my celebrity voice Adam Corolla (Do check out his podcast but only after you have listened to ours) so it might have been good.

But recently Simon Pegg tweeted a youtube link to the American Remake of his ’99 show Spaced with Jessica Stevenson,  Nick frost and directed by Edgar Wright.  Our very own Martin made me rediscover my love for the show and it truely is hilarious and still pretty fresh packed in with geeky charm. It’s nice to see these guys before they hit Global notoriety with Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Star Trek and with the forthcoming Tin Tin and Scott Pilgrim movies.

The American remake of this show was marred with controversy from the start. Edgar Wright called it Mcspaced and was pretty vocal with the fact that he wasn’t too happy with how FOX was dealing with the adaptation. With the success of Shaun and Fuzz they tried to cash in on the Pegg-Frost-Wright trio forcing Jessica Hynes to take a backseat altough she was as much of a part of  the show’s suceess as Pegg. They were also never consulted on any aspect of the remake.

In any case, the American version never went beyond the Pilot. And after watching the clip below it will be clear to anyone who has seen the original Spaced why that is.

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