Friday rant (pt 2…and on Monday) Reaper

Well, another week passes and another thing bugs me. And I do understand I’m a little slow here, but Goddamnit I was upset when I found out that Reaper was only deemed worthy of 2 seasons.

This from the country that gave us Friends for God only knows how many seasons too many! And however many versions of CSI..?

What’s not to like about a show where the lead has to capture souls for the devil after his parents sold their son’s soul to the Devil? Played brilliantly by Ray Wise; possibly better know for being Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks. Throw in some alcohol and drug references, demons, angels and other whackery and this is surely a winner worth more airtime.

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One comment on “Friday rant (pt 2…and on Monday) Reaper

  1. Asim Burney says:

    Found this Tweet from Kevin Smith about the cancelation of Reaper
    “Via @Dugo67 “do u think it would still be going if u had directed the first 12?” REAPER? Nah. Ratings were soft all the way through, sadly.”

    You can follow Kevin Smith on
    I would suggest you do so as he's even hilarious in 140 characters

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