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Filmblog: Casablanca

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This is my vague attempt to try and give thought on most of the films that I watch…sounds ambitious right? Well, I guess there are criteria (no musings on Universal Soldier to be found here)

There was quite a glut over the festive period so I’m playing catch-up here and, not lacking in ambition, have started with the classic of all classics…

Typically, my reaction on seeing this for the first time, was: really? that’s it? To be fair, this is my first time but I didn’t find what’s possibly the key to the story, to be believable: the love between Bogard and Bergmand (Rick and Ilsa). So if this aspect failed, what remains?

Make no mistake, the film is still wonderful; if their romance didn’t convince, it is beautifully shot, and some great great scenes and dialogue (not including “play it again Sam”). The look and feel of the film is gorgeous and IS romantic.

Although Bogard is the lead, I preferred in fact Renault (Claude Rains) who in his role as local Police Captain, plays both sides against the other for his own gain. Finally walking off with Rick at the end of the film…

In a nutshell, a lovely film that will get better with more viewings and of course has aged as well as a 1946 Petrus.

I’ll be dropping in more thoughts soon!


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