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Favorite Movies of 2009

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A happy 2010 to everyone!

This period of the year when we are curled up on our couches under a cozy blanket and a cup of soup, we start to reminisce about the year gone by. How we wish we had been able to change certain things for the better and how we could have avoided some mistakes that in hindsight should have had predictable outcomes.

But it is also a period where we are forced to stay inside hiding from Mr.Freeze ( I’ m not talking about Arnie in his career defining performance) and read other people’s thoughts about what the best movies were for 2009.

So here are my picks.

Just a few caveats:

  1. I had to have seen this movies in 2009 ( hence I managed to sneak in Up in the Air and not A serious Man or The Lovely Bones)
  2. Clearly these are the picks I enjoyed the most and not perfect movies or critically acclaimed movies in any sense ( altough reading some of my favorite online critics at /Film I do see some comparisions)
  3. I did not rank , neither did i sort it

So in the immortal words of Lando Carlissian: here goes nothing:

Inglorious Basterds: Tarantino can do no wrong in my book, this was my favorite movie of the year. Hans Landa is a character that will stay with me till my dying day.

Avatar: I thought for a long time to put Star Trek on the list instead since it is a tighter story but Cameron’s achievement with Avatar are groundbreaking and Pandora is a world I want to keep revisiting.

The Brothers Bloom: A severly underrated movie that I would urge people to seek out. This has been stuck on repeat and the one movie I have tried to make all my friends watch

500 days of Summer: As they say in french, this is my “coup de coeur” the one movie that stuck closest to my heart this year. I’m adding the trailer because it says it all… this is not a love story.


District9: This gem came out of nowhere, with a considerably small budget and and unknown cast and director, thanks to the support of Peter Jackson, this was the breakout of the year.

Where the Wild things Are: Hauntingly beautiful

Moon: I think you can see from my list that I’m a pretty big sci-fi fan. But this small UK funded movie surprised me in so many ways. Sam Rockwell in a towering one man show.

Up: Everything is magic in this movie starting from the Cloud short at the beginning. Specialmetnion also to the first ten minutes silent movie that chronicles the couple life… haven’t cried as much since Bambi’s mom got shot by 50 Cent.

Up in the Air: Snuck in my top ten, it’s the kinda movie that sticks to you and like Where the Wild Things are has a hypnotic beauty to it.

Watchmen the Director’s Cut: I loved the comic and loved the movie. It might not be the movie we wanted but it was the movie we deserved.

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