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Ep 58- Duplicate

Khandaan: A Bollywood Podcast is back with Top Friend Beth from Beth Loves Bollywood to discuss 1998’s Shahrukh Khan double-header DUPLICATE.
Allegedly directed by Mahesh Bhatt, DUPLICATE was the first double role for SRK and he really put in the effort – but was it worth it? Beth finds herself in the unique position of having more nostalgia for a film than the other three for once.
Co-starring a radiant Juhi Chawla, an inept and badly sabotaged Sonali Bendre, a friendzoned Mohnish Behl. a loud Farida Jalal, and the cheapest villain’s lair ever seen on film, DUPLICATE gave us a lot to discuss. Join us as we put more thought into the discussion of this film than Mahesh Bhatt did to its direction and find out for once and for all just how much Asim loves Salman.
A short timeline:
  • 00.11.02 Beth is watching I, CLAUDIUS for (another) podcast joke purposes and rewatching COMMUNITY and recommends y’all do so as well.
  • 00.23.10 Sujoy watched the Chris Hemsworth Netflix action movie, EXTRACTION.
  • 00.26.45 Amrita has seen some stuff but she doesn’t remember any of it, so never mind. She recommends you watch Bon Appetit.
  • 00.33.55 Asim is rewatching THE WIRE.
  • 00.40.32 The Main Review: DUPLICATE.
Link to Asim’s appearance on The Riz Test Podcast where he talks about Muslim Representation In Bollywood can be found here.

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The Wire characters what happened next: Marlo Stanfield

Here at Upodcasting we more than loved The Wire. We adored The Wire…knelt down at its altar and prayed for more of the goodstuff. Not that we were alone in this of course. And now, as times have changed and we realise that maybe only Idris Elba will be a true star off the back of the show, we can have fun following the fellow performers as they go about the humdrum existence of a mere jobbing actor. It is to my great surprise however to see that Jamie Hector has decided to leave the acting fraternity and become a footballer…most likely for Manchester United, current England Premier League champions.

Ashley Young and Marlo Stanfield – never in the same room together. 


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