Ep 62- Kaamyaab, Betaal and Jackie Shroff – Khandaan Ko Rona Aa Gaye

Khandaan: A Bollywood Podcast is now on it’s 62nd episode… and we’re once again doing a Corona round up. For those of you struggling with all the current events in the world and need a break, we suggest you skip the first 10 minutes because we’re not in the best of moods to be honest.
However! We soon move on to discussing the latest Red Chillies Production for Netflix: BETAAL. Sujoy is happy to report that it continues a long and proud Red Chillies tradition by being absolutely mediocre.
Asim broke character to watch KAMYAAB, another Red Chillies effort for Netflix that isn’t entirely awful. It is definitely the better reviewed project of the two.
After that gargantuan effort, Asim needed a little cheering up so he obviously looked up KAALA BAZAAR (1989), starring Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff. This is a segue onto our discussion about Jackie, an actor whose work we grew up watching but never discuss for some reason. Do let us know your favorite Jackie movies.
And to round everything off, we discuss a recent article in Bollywood Hungama wherein single screen owners complain about the lack of massy content from Bollywood and the artistic ambitions of its most reliable performers.

We don’t have a timeline for you as these special episodes go back and forth, but join us next week for our regular programming!

If you want to read the Bollywood Hungama Article you can click here.

Jackie Shroff’s infamous Polio Ad

If you want to watch The 9 Satyajit Ray Short Film Competition winning films available on London Indian Film Festival you can visit: www.loveliffathome.com
(Please note that the films are geo-blocked to UK audiences only.)

If you are outside of the UK, you can still watch the trailer.

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Episode 51 : Filmfare Comp Results, Malang, SMZS and Sultan

Episode 51 of Khandaan: A Bollywood Podcast brings you 2016’s SULTAN starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, SULTAN was part of Salman’s storied run at the box office, a sports drama about an out of shape wrestler whose rise, fall, and rise took you through every emotion in the book. Although it is a fairly recent release, we discuss how well it’s held up, how Salman is often his own worst enemy, and why our featured guest, Uday Bhatia, Film Critic at the Mint Lounge, chose this film as his pick of the week.

 A Short Timeline:

  •     03.25 Why does Dabboo Ratnani have a calendar?
  •     20.45 We all laugh at Asim’s pet project i.e. the FilmFare predictions
  •     29.04 SHUBH MANGAL ZYAADA SAAVDHAN: a film we will all get around to watching eventually
  •     38.20 MALANG: A Thing That Exists
  •     44.35  Asim and Sujoy discuss Netflix’ TAJ MAHAL 1989
  •     54.30 Trailer: KAAMYAAB
  •     1.00.12 Main Review: SULTAN


– We weren’t really up to discussing LOVE AAJ KAL 2020 but you can read Uday’s review here

– We had some real issues with the audio here. We would advise new listeners to check out our other episodes so this doesn’t effect your experience!
– You can find our first episode of Sultan by heading over here.

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