Sherlock – The Six Thatchers Review Upodcast

Hot on the trail of the BBC’s series (no seasons please, we’re British) four opener, Upodcast takes a deep dive into the first episode.  Will Watson and Holmes get it on?  What the hell happened during the one-off Christmas special and how will Holmes talk his way out of murdering someone in cold blood?  Three small questions, among the many others that we’ve pondered since the last episode and they all get answered thankfully.  For this and more, plus our looking forward to the next two episodes, take a listen; we’ll see you again after episodes 2 and 3!

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Pixar’s Brave Review Upodcast

A sneaky little Upodcasting stocking-filler of a podcast for our next episode.  The main event is Disney’s Brave and all of the long, bouncy, exceedingly life-like curly red hair that goes with it.  Maybe it makes sense for Asim and Martin to do this one without Ahmed, as we are the two who need some of Merida’s offcuts!  Seemingly under the radar (at least for Martin) for a Disney, Brave is fantastic fun and some of the animation is remarkable.  As someone who’s losing his own, perhaps I might be fixated on the hair too much, but it’s amazing I swear.  I was equally impressed with the running time, meaning it is actually suitable for young children to watch with a mere 90 or so minutes and a simple story without any over-complication.  It’s also great for spotting who the voices are – there are in fact two from Trainspotting plus other more well-known names.  Certainly a great choice of family movie for Christmas day.

As per usual we don’t draw the line at merely a movie.  Asim has been catching-up on one of the biggest releases of the year in Prometheus and Martin preferred to spend his time reliving the glory days of a quirky one-off British spoof sci-fi, spoof many things show called Garth Marenghi’s dark place.  Fans of the IT Crowd and The Office (UK version) will enjoy “actor spotting”.


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