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Ep 45: Tum Mere Ho Review, Dabangg 3 and Commando 3 Trailer reactions

Episode 45 of Khandaan: A Bollywood Podcast is a blast from the past – specifically, Aamir Khan’s past. Tum Mere Ho (1990), directed by Tahir Hussain a.k.a. The Aamir Dad has everything: a wronged and vengeful snake mom, a grubby dad, a lost heir, a damsel beset by zaalim samaaj, intense young love, unique tribal customs, terrible costumes, and a fuzzy timeline that ensures we’re never quite sure when all of this action is taking place.
Co-starring the always delightful Juhi Chawla and a thoroughly awkward Kalpana Iyer as a snake with tragic fashion sense, Tum Mere Ho is a classic for all the best reasons as previously outlined by Pretentious Movie Reviews.
We are joined by ace friend of the blog, Pitu Sultan, who has recently launched a fun new Instagram vlog called KAPOW with Pitu which is also available on YouTube. Subscribe today! (Or just click on the links, the video thumbnails alone are worth your clicks!)
A Short Timeline:
01.15 Asim and Sujoy watched Baahubali at the Royal Albert Hall with a live orchestra and it was magical.
11.50 Channel 4 in the UK has an interesting line up of films for you to watch and top friend Beth is back to give the lowdown on one of the films: Satyajit Ray’s Kapurush.
17.50 Asim can live again as Dabangg 3 gears for release.
23.50 Obviously Asim is a huge Vidyut Jammwal fan and a Pitu tangent about the career of Neil Nitin Mukesh

32.05 The Main Review: Tum Mere Ho

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Inbetweeners the Movie


Following 3 hugely successful series on Channel 4, the Inbetweeners faces its final curtain call with a film.  The show has been noted by some critics as being a far more accurate portrayal of the lame British male 6th form experience and of bland teenage suburbia, than the oft-feted Skins.  In just 3 short series (no more than 20 episodes in total) viewers (mainly male I’d guess) have come to love the 4 dysfunctional charcaters.  Maybe it is uncannily accurate and doesn’t try too hard, unlike Skins, which I never fell for.  However, much like the aforementioned other show on Channel 4, the Inbetweeners has also featured some damned fine music…the Ting Tings, the Jam, the Cure, MGMT and more

British audiences have already been teased with a short trailer for the feature being released on August 19th this summer.  Neil, Jay, Will & Simon will certainly leave us with a bang (I would have thought in more ways than one), having taken a typical lads holiday to Malia, in Crete.

 As the trailer doesn’t really give much away apart from Jay’s perving, whch we all know about already, we can only guess at what “gross-out” moments will be revealed.  But as the TV show has already given us moments of puking, drinking, dope-smoking and many other memorable moments, regular viewers will surely not be disappointed.  After all, the trailer does end with a quote from Jay: “You’d better bring your willies ’cause it’ll be knee deep in clunge” *

* For definition of clunge, please see Google, Zemanta doesn’t quite stretch to this unique British colloquialism.

Martin @martincawley

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