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Ep 100- YouTube Live pt 2 with Khandaan Podcast

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Episode 100 of Khandaan: A Bollywood Podcast is finally here! We are joined by Top Friend Beth from Beth Loves Bollywood and Her Majesty Pitu Sultan – and it’s a full on party!

We want to thank several people for coming with us on the crazy journey that is Khandaan:

Our friends and friends of friends who agreed to guest on our show despite knowing our grueling schedule and often choosing to watch the very worst that Hindi cinema could throw at us, thankfully to hilarious effect. We’re very glad that everyone came ready to play despite being Serious Film People.

The podcasting community, particularly the tiny Indian film podcasting community for being our friends and support group.

And of course, our fans – you’re the people who know and love this stuff as much as we do. You’ve sat through 2 hour episodes and come back for more. You send us lovely emails and hold us accountable. You make us laugh and you’ve been incredibly supportive of us during some very difficult periods. Thank you all for sticking with us through 100 episodes.

Here’s to the next 100!

Next week, we’re going on hiatus for a couple of weeks but we will be back the week of April 25th with a brand new episode of Khandaan! Hope to see you then!

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We appeared on BBC’s Beyond Bollywood Podcast with Haroon Rashid. The Episode should be dropping while we are on hiatus but the episode will appear here.

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