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Mini Series: Tolly Folly Ep 3 – Aandhi – Nayak

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Tolly Folly, our limited run podcast about Bengali film, anchored by Sujoy, Beth, and Amrita, concludes with this third episode featuring two separate performances by Suchitra Sen in AANDHI and Uttam Kumar in NAYAK.
Aandhi (1975) is counted as one of the most successful films helmed by Gulzar and is frequently lauded for the leading performances by Suchitra and Sanjeev Kumar. The movie was a controversial fictionalized take on the life of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and spoke about the difficulties faced by women with ambition in a patriarchal society.
Nayak (1966) was a rare Uttam collaboration with Satyajit Ray and is a meditation on celebrity. One of the finest films ever made, Nayak remains relevant to this day and features an incredible performance by Uttam. It also co-stars a wonderful Sharmila Tagore among others.
If you liked this run of Tolly Folly, we would love to hear from you. Let us know if you’d like to see this series return and what other films you’d like to see discussed.

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