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Ep 54- Khandaan Ko Rona Aa Gaya- She, Emma and Afsos

Episode 54 of Khandaan: A Bollywood Podcast is a Quarantine Pod, a RonaCast, a Viral Episode, whatever you want to call it. Just Asim, Sujoy and Amrita shooting the breeze about the content they’ve been consuming over these days of social distancing. Remember, we need to maintain a physical social distance but we’ll only make it through these dark times with each other. So tune in every other week for one of our shorter Rona episodes which we’ll intersperse between our regular programming.

A Short Timeline:

00.53 Corona Pre-Amble: How we have been coping, what we are thinking of doing once this pandemic scare is over and how to pick new books to read?
18.53 – Sujoy is our most adventurous Khandaani who brings you news of The Wailing from South Korea, The Platform from Spain, and our apna Afsos
32.50 – Amrita is still self medicating with episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot but made the effort to watch the new adaptation of Emma. She has also been reading a lot and is currently reading Raymond E. Feist’s Empire trilogy from the Riftwar Cycle.
45.19 – Asim stumps for Stumptown, which is fast developing a reputation in niche circles, as well as the miniseries Devs, and explores some new Netflix shows like Dave Chang’s Ugly Delicious and Imtiaz Ali’s She.

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