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The Hateful Eight and X-Files Upodcast

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A Tarantino way to start the new year and an obvious choice for UPOD.  The boys are back in the hotseat and talk about 2 highly anticipated events: the return of the X-files (are you under the age of 30?  Does the X-files mean anything to you?) after a seriously long lay-off and Quentin Tarantino’s snowbound epic The Hateful 8.

If you’re Martin you’ve now seen all of Tarantino’s movies in the cinema in January and are begging to see the full roadshow version on the biggest screen possible.  We talk about the merits of the 70mm Panavision screening whilst Ahmed is made to feel inferior for having to get by with such a small screen – thank you Belgian distributors…

From the wintry evil of The Hateful 8, UPOD turns its attention to the X-files.  Throwing you straight back into the action, the writers clearly didn’t fancy hanging around and throw the viewer back in to the action at a pace, using the world’s events in the past 15 years to enhance the paranoia of Mulder and Scully and take us in a slightly new direction with a 6 part mini-series.

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