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Narcos and Irrational Man Upodcast Review

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This episode we talk about the new Woody Allen movie, an Irrational Man and the  Netflix Original Series, Narcos.

Of course, Woody isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Asim has a strange relationship with the director (OK, it’s not THAT strange) – preferring the films that don’t win critical approval to those that do.  Case in point:  Blue Jasmine = yes from Martin but no from Asim, Magic in the Moonlight = yes from Asim, but no from Martin.  We will set the record straight however

Narcos on the other hand, is an entirely different beast.  Drawing on the life and times of perhaps the world’s most infamous drug dealer – Pablo Escobar – of all time (he was so good, dealer just doesn’t do him justice) Narcos gives a pretty unsensationalist depiction of the rise and ultimately fall of the modern drug lord archetype.  Great use of library footage, mixed with original script and solid performances all round really gives the three of us something to talk about.

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