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Jai Ho Review Upodcast

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This week we take to task Salman Khan’s latest release Jai Ho.

A movie big in hype but ultimately a let down in terms of Box Office and some would say in entertainment value.

Upodcast is joined by Bollyspice Editor, Prathna Tiwari, who like us is a huge Salman Khan fan. You can find more of Prathna’s work on SakhiSpeaks or catch her on twitter.

We talk about about the expectations the audience had and how the reception has been so far. We dissect some of the criticism leveled at the movie and how it holds up. Then we get into the most detailed analysis of Jai Ho that the world will ever see, the way only Upodcast can.

For all the new listeners out there do check out our other Episodes as well as the sperate tab we  created with all the interviews we have done.

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We hope you enjoy the episode as it truly was one of our favorites to record, the comment section below is available for rants, complaints and feedback.

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