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Man Of Steel Upodcast Review and Criticism surrounding the movie

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Maybe a bit late out of the gate but our geek hearts were still aching to talk about Zach Snyder’s Man Of Steel. Together with Paresh from the CurrySmugglers (check out their latest awesome episode by clicking here) and Sujoy AKA @9e3k we finally get to discuss this new version of the son of Krypton, after Bryan Singer’s failed attempt.

Although the movie has had a massive box office draw, there is talk of sequels, rebooting other DC properties to eventually come to a Justice League movie.

As most Snyder movies Man of Steel has been surrounded by quite a bit of criticism coming understandable as the character is one that we all have grown up with and are quite attached to.

So we specifically wanted to adress some of the major complaints about the movie and what we thought about them.

Hope you enjoy our Chat!

Check out our episode by clicking below/or download/ subscribe in iTunes.



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