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Star Trek Into Darkness, Evil Dead and TV Upodcast Special

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Upod seems to be all a bit pic ‘n’ mix this week.  Variety is however the spice of life and who are we to knock back the goodies on offer right now?  Unless you’ve been living on the moon in recent weeks there is the small matter of the new Star Trek movie which Asim talks about.  Enthusiastically.  Is it better than the first?  Is it more bad ass?  Asim tells all, before Martin reveals his horror treat of the week: the re-made horror classic The Evil Dead.  There’s more blood than you can shake a stick at (why would you though?) but watching Cabin in the Woods meant I was a tad confused at first.

Star of the show however is Ahmed and his devotion to all things cathode ray.  Why spend time experimenting with TV shows when Ahmed can do it for you?  In a pick of the pops but in no real order, Ahmed talks us through a dark crime drama, in Banshee, which sounds quite Lynchian in fact.  The mood is lightened with UK comedy Plebs (courtesy of my landlady as it happens – where’s the discount on my rent?) a seemingly modern sit-com set in erm, Roman times.  Quirky Brit comedy for you eh?  Returning to the darker side of things, we have Da Vinci’s Demons (give the production team more budget) and the very intriguing Orphan Black.  All top stuff and that’s without mentioning the part-documentary-part-fictitious Vikings, courtesy of the History Channel.  The Canadian-Irish production has been getting seriously good ratings from audiences whilst critics have been less favourable – if you want the truth and you can handle the truth, then stay tuned.

Finally, we talk about the hit and miss, Netflix’s Original series,  Hemlock Grove and with a tinge of sadness, the possible dragged out and slow, painful death of what feels like a family member of Upod.  That’s right, Community may have had its final paintball fight.  It may be there in body, but alas, not in (Dan Harmon’s) spirit.

Listen/Download to our Upodcast episode below and leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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