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Samsara / Baraka Blu Ray Review

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We all stare in wonder

Celebrating its re-release today, Samsara and Baraka, two “movies” that will stun the viewer. As a fan of Koyaanisqatsi, the Godfrey Reggio release from 1983, getting to take a peak at the newly refurbed versions of Samsara and Baraka was a visual treat indeed.

Filmed over a four-year period in 25 countries and covering 5 continents, we are transported to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, industrial complexes, disaster zones and natural wonders. Dialogue-less and with no description, this is truly a movie that lets the viewer decide and subverts the notion of the traditional documentary. This encourages us to make our own mind up and soak up the stunning photography and images. Moreover, the distinct lack of language or words means that these films are truly international in scope.

Director-cinematographer Ron Fricke and producer Mark Magidson, both co-editors, used 70mm film-stock (as per Laurence of Arabia for example) to convey the story of man’s unique outpost in space.

A must see for anyone curious to watch something entirely different, that can leave you feeling bewildered, exhilarated and simply in awe. Release today, January 14th on DVD and even better Blu-ray.

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