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Nima Nourizadeh

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Nima plans the next party

It’s been a long long time, although not in a galaxy far far away sadly. Returning to Upod with some content, I thought I’d kick-off with an intro to director Nima Nourizadeh. A London born British-Iranian, he is probably most commonly known for his debut movie feature, Project X, Nima has been directing ads and music vids since 2005, picking up numerous awards and much acclaim along the way. Rather than talk about Project X, I’ll be using Upod to showcase some of his outstanding music videos and ads in the coming weeks.

Of course the movie biz is no stranger to invaders from ad land crashing the industry (step forward Ridley Scott, Tarsem Singh and many others of course), but where the “older generation” have produced some notable ads, lack of opportunity (for obvious reasons) in the music video space has arguably denied us another form through which we can experience their vision.

Thankfully there is no shortage of material from Nima Nourizadeh and whilst I haven’t (yet) seen Project X, I have watched nearly all his commercial and music video work. Telling the story of an epic high school / college party, his first feature film showcases people having an awesome time and this is reflected brilliantly in his ads for Adidas, including “house party” below.

Starting all things music vid with his clip for Hot Chip‘s 2005 single, Over and Over, here we see the band having a great time, whilst the use of green screen technology and CGI is brilliantly subverted. This was the one that put Nima on the map back in 2005, enjoy! There will be more to follow in the coming weeks.

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