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Ep 43 Save Community, Tin Tin and the Secret of the Unicorn and The Devil’s Double

Quick, quick, Upod needs your help trying to save one of the best Comedy shows currently on TV!  Dan Harmon’s brainchild starring a bunch of awesome people is a local Community college in danger of being shut down, way ahead of its time and to the detriment of all who believe in intelligent creative writing.  We pick up the campaign inspired by this piece in the Atlantic Wire.

And as part of the Community program, there are wider issues to discuss such as the perceived rise in popularity of “slow TV” from an article on the BBC website about The Killing and the Wire (click here).  We sort through Sarah Lund’s woolly jumpers, Stringer Bell’s extra large clothes and much more, in the jumble sale* of quality TV drama and comedy.

Pretty much on TiVo fast forward, Ahmed tells us what TV we should have been watching recently (and what we shouldn’t have), Martin waxes lyrical about Tin Tin and Asim can’t quite admit that Immortals isn’t as good as it shoulda woulda coulda  been and reviews the new Andrew Niccols Sci Fi starrring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, In Time.

All of this before the grand finale: Lee Tamahori’s shot at cinematic redemption, The Devil’s Double.  Dominic Cooper stars in the movie about the ill-fated plan to play Uday Hussein’s body double.  Fast cars, loose women, designer clothes…

Here’s the trailer:


We’ll leave the rest for you to discover in the podcast!

* A Jumble sale is where you bring all your old stuff to say a church hall and then sell it.  Very popular with schools and Scouts etc when I was growing up.



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