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Ep 32: Apocalypse Jaa or not your father’s Martial Arts movie

In this episode our gang of Upodcast Shaolin Monks is joined by the Ronin samourai Danny Bowes from Tor, taking you on a trip through crescent kicks and flying monkey styles through the different stages of the martial arts movie.

We start off speaking about some of the legends that shaped the genre from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan to  Sonny Chiba. To action stars that took it one step further like Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and we even take a detour through Michael Dudikoff and Steven Seagal (not for long though)

The Gang then focuses its chi on the nouveau vogue of martial artists that have taken over the reins and we stand before the elephant shaped throne of Thai Action Star Tony Jaa.

We discuss his filmography in detail speaking about all of the Ong Bak movies, his difficult times and possible comeback.

Swiftly like the shadow we move to Donny Yen and the Ip- man series and finish off with Indonesian up and comer Iko Owais and his Pentak Silat debut Merentau.

Lots of excitement, and wear a helmet whilst listening to this episode as the verbal kicks might just knock you out!

Listen below or download!

Let us know which martial artists we forgot to mention or deserve more praise in the comment section below!


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